Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dana has updates!

Hello everyone!
First I have 2 new contracts! Wooo! Book 4 of the Erotes series was accepted by Muse it Hot.
 Alan's Arrival is about the 3rd winged god of love, Hermaphroditus, the son of Aphrodite and Hermes. Can a god have an even better life if he left Mount Olympus? Find out in May, 2012.

Second: Home with the Jones' was accepted to Secret Cravings Publishing. It is about Reyna and Marc Jones, a long time married, professional couple with grown children. Ever wanted the "life of The Jones" or tried to keep up with them? In this story you get the first exclusive peek into the life of the Jones...and it is not as we think. *wink* See if you still want to keep up with The Jones' in March, 2012.

Releasing the Baggage has a cover!

Jerri Ivory was over divorce cases, but when your boss asks you to do him a favor... During the important case, her boss is killed and she becomes a suspect all while she is trying to get to know Felix, a man her friend Linda hooked her up with. With all the chaos and mayhem going on in her life, can Felix slow her down long enough to show her they were meant to be?  

Coming to Secret Craving Publishing October, 2011!

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