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Since the hop is still going on I decided to post another blog for those who just found out about it. This is my one and only ghost story that came about after my visit to New Orleans. It was a 2 week business trip but it turned very fun on the weekend. We had people take us on a tour to popular tourist spots and off the beaten past spots. The scariest and most awesome sights I have ever seen to date are there. 
While on tour the pointed out a land mark ghost house that gave tours, but they freaked when we wanted to check it out. Our guides warned us of ghost dust, evil spirits or bad juju that we might take home if we went inside.
Needless to say I didn't, but I was so fascinated that I came up with my own ghost story with elements of what I learned while there. Here's a peek. Hope you like it! 

Do cops always want to protect and serve?
Gerald Dixon is a wounded cop shot in the line of duty. He was tired, hurt and confused. He’d been a cop most of his life and was now being asked to retire early and was sent Louisiana to heal and think it over.
Margarita Malveaux was a ghost killed by voo-doo. The spell that killed her had a loophole that could save her: a stranger, who didn’t believe in voo-doo, had to willingly go through 3 challenges.
Would Gerald be up for a physical challenge, a mental challenge or a challenge that would push his own belief system to the very edge? Could Margarita convince him to take on the challenges that would free her, giving her the peace she longed for and bring him the happiness he didn’t know he needed?

“Gerald…Gerald, wake up.”
The soft feminine voice calling his name pulled him slowly from his sleep. He turned on his back kicking the sheet off his naked body.
“Yeah, yeah, Im up,” he said sleepily.
“Open your eyes, Gerald.”
His eyes fluttered at first, but then they opened slowly. As his eyes focused, they widened at the sight before him. He looked straight up from his reclined position to see someone. It was indeed female. Her voluptuous figure and shoulder length hair was plainly visible, but she was not like any other woman. Hovering along the ceiling like she was he knew even in his sleepy state that her body was not solid like his own, but more smoky.
“What the hell!”
“No, Gerald, dont get up. I dont want you to hurt yourself. I will come closer to you.”
Slowly she descended from the ceiling. The closer she came to him the clearer her smoky translucent features became. When she stopped to hover over him, he looked into her face to find her lovely. Her cat-like eyes were as smoky as the rest of her and held no distinct color. Along with the high cheekbones and full sensual lips that still held their form, her beauty was evident albeit strange to behold.
“Okay, what the hell is going on?”
“I have come to ask for your help, Gerald.”
“How do you know my name?”
“I have been with you all evening, ever since you left my house.”
“Left your house? What are you talking about? Who are you?”
“My name is Margarita Malveaux. Im a ghost. I have come to you to ask for your help so that I may be set free.”
“This is a joke, right?” he laughed looking into her unchanged features. “What, youre saying youre a real ghost?” He watched her nod. “Well if thats the case then we have a problem because I dont believe in ghosts.”
“Never the less I am here and I am a ghost.”
“Let’s say for arguments sake that you are, what do you want?” “
I want your help.”
“My help…to do what?”
“To be free. I can offer you something in return for your help. I know what men want.”
“Oh yeah? Whats that?” he asked in a disbelieving tone. “I can make you feel good, Gerald. Though I cannot feel pleasure for myself, I am capable of giving pleasure,” she said, lowering herself further.
His surprise was visible across his face. He could actually feel her breasts pressing against his chest! The whole situation was amazing especially since he didnt believe in ghosts. But nothing surprised him as much as the betrayal of his body as it allowed his erection to react so quickly to something he could barely see.

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