Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Dana Littlejohn back atcha with another one of my Christmas reads. With this story I got a little nasty...well maybe not, I was right. I got nasty. But it's good nasty. :) Reindeer Games is about a woman who did what she had to do to get her man! 

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Reindeer Games
Kinze and Taylor have had their arrangement for the last three years. They were both single, but kept each other in mind for holidays, parties and other functions whenever the mood struck. Even though their current understanding was Kinze’s idea, she wanted to be more. She had fallen for him long ago and was making it her mission to make him hers exclusively.

 A wave of warmth engulfed her at the door. She opened her coat inviting the heat in, as she inhaled deeply. So many familiar smells tickled her nose. Cookies, peppermint, and cinnamon, they all symbolized Christmas to her. Walking along, she bobbed her head and murmured the words to Here Comes Santa Claus as she passed several department stores, clothing boutiques and kiosks. Proprietors waved and called out trying to entice her to buy their best Christmas wares. She politely shook her head and continued to the food court.

With one more day before Christmas Eve, last minute shoppers crowded the mall. Some rushed in and out of stores bumping into her with their packages, offering no apologies, but she didn’t care. Even the hustle and bustle of rude people was a part of Christmas and she loved it all.  Nothing could stifle her good mood, especially not this year. This was going to be the year she changed her life.
In the center of the overcrowded food court, Santa sat in a large high backed chair in his sparkling red finery. Piles of gifts surrounded him, and one helper, a young woman dressed as an elf, walked back and forth giving them out. The line of waiting children looked endless as it merged with shoppers seeking food.
Kinze rushed pass the Santa shop scene, heading to a backroom near the bathrooms. She emerged a short time later in her own seasonal outfit, taking her place on Santa’s left side.

“How are you today, Santa? I was just wondering if you would have time for me to take a ride on that North Pole Express of yours later on when you’re done passing out good cheer,” she whispered that last bit for his ears only.
A patented ‘ho, ho, ho’ mixed with his own laughter, was her only response before a small boy jumped into his lap.
“Hello, little boy, have you been good this year?”
“Yes, Santa, I have.”
“What would you like for Christmas this year?”
“My mommy has another baby in her belly. Last year I got a sister for Christmas. I want a brother this time.”
“Oh, uh, well, I’ll see what I can do,” he replied, putting the boy on the floor. “Go get your present.”
“If you can’t give me a brother can you make the new sister I get not cry as much as this one does?” the boy asked over his shoulder.
“Sure kid, whatever. Merry Christmas.”
Kinze waved goodbye to the child as Santa pushed him toward the elf helper.

“You can’t say stuff like that,” he growled. “I’m dressed like Santa and little kids are sitting on my lap. Do you know how creepy that would be if you got me hard? We’re talking possible jail time and thousands of dollars in therapy.”

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