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For those who don’t know, I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual romance. Many have asked me why I write interracial romance. My answer is always the same. I write what I know. I grew up in New York City. Not too much is taboo there. It was no big deal that a couple was interracial. It wasn’t until I left NYC that I even noticed other people had issue with interracial couples.

I always thought anyone of age was up for grabs. I never limited my choice of man to my own race. Why would I want to short change myself like that? There are wonderful and fine looking men in all races. When one is looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with, I believe they should explore all their options.  

In my books, the main female character is always African American, but the male lead’s race has been African American, Asian, Puerto Rican and Caucasian. Like me, my character are not limited to a particular race when it comes to love. She is open to dating men of any race. It isn’t his race that she is drawn to nor does it keep her with him.

The traits that I looked for and that my characters seek in their men—smart, kind, handsome, funny, caring, romantic—can be found in men of all races. Thus, why not search for that special man in all the races available to you when the opportunity arises?

When I was a kid I wasn’t exactly what you would call the girly type. I had my own way of dressing and doing things. My parents didn’t judge, correct or condemn. As long as my room was clean and my homework was done they let me do me. My cousins, older and very girly, told me boys wouldn’t like me because I was too weird. I, of course, didn’t think I was weird I was just me. My father told me there was someone for everyone. When I got older there would be a man that would think that my particular type of weird would be my best feature. And he was right! 

My husband and I have been together for 18 years. I am still my weird self, doing things and dressing outside of what most may consider “normal” and he has indeed said that is my best quality. He did not choose me for my race, but because something about me was different from everyone else.
I figured I couldn’t be the only one who grew up like that. So I decided to make a character that had a similar problem. Though it is hard to say I have a favorite book that I have written, this one that is close to my heart. I would like to share with you. There really is someone for everyone and it is not based on race.


Taniea is dumped by her boyfriend for being too bold, too aggressive, and too mouthy. Throwing herself into her new job, she traveled to China and met Michael Shen. She convinces him that a fling while she is in his country will be time well spent for them both. 
Will two weeks of Taniea be too much for Michael to handle, or will he leave everything he knows to have a thousand more with her?

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