Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ooooweee IT'S HOT!! 
It's hot all over the place! So I know the 2 maybe three people that read this blog are feeling the heat just like I am. LOL Although that is not an excuse for not keeping you guys updated, but this oppressive heat will make you not want to do anything. Nevertheless, here I am. :-)

First I send greetings to you all and wish you a blast of cool air to get you through this heat wave. To help take your mind off the heat I decided to give you a gift for you. As you know, if you follow my work, I not only write hetero erotic romances, but I have a few F/F books as well. 

On my website I am giving away a free read to all my readers. On my rainbow page there is a free read titled Second Friday and on my books page His Favorite Dessert is the free read. All you have to do is download and enjoy!

Here is the skinny on my books!

Book 3 of the Lady Vampire series, Bobbie Rocks! is not out. (F/F contemporary) Get yours at Secret Cravings Publishing 

Book 2 of the Erotes series, Himeros' Princess is out. (M/F greek myth, time travel) Get yours at Muse it Hot

To Have and To Hold is now in print! (M/F, contemporary) Get yours at Red Rose Publishing

coming soon!

Secret Cravings Publishing: Releasing the Baggage, October, 2011

Muse it Hot: The Seven Year Switch, November 2011

Muse it Hot: Christmas Goddess, December, 2011

Muse it Hot: book 3 of the Erotes series: Charles' Goddess, spring 2012. [no relation to the Christmas Goddess :-)]

And the free reads will be available from August 1st until...well, forever! LOL
 Ta Ta for now.