Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

Hello everyone! Today we are speaking with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. She is the driving force behind Dana Littlejohn's Erotes series.
      Dana Littlejohn's Blog: How are you today, Aphrodite?
I'm wonderful. How are you?
      DLB: Just great. I understand that this series is about your children.
Thats correct.
      DLB: What prompted this series in the first place?
Well, I wanted to take some time off to visit Poseidon for a while. I went to Zeus  to ask if that would be all right. He was agreeable at first, but Hera reminded him how his humans behaved during a time of no love before.
      DLB: A time of no love?
Yes, that's how we refer to the time when I was away and there was no love on Earth.
      DLB: So you have taken a vacation before?
Yes, twice. All types of mayhem took place on Earth. There was a world war both times I was away. Zeus was not pleased. Many of his humans suffered and many  more perished.
      DLB: Yes, I could see how you leaving would be an issue. Has Zeus actually forbidden you to leave?
Not in so many words, but the time I left Mount Olympus for a time other than to dally with a human or two was just over seventy Earth years ago.
      DLB: I see. So you feel it's about to get away for a while?
Yes, like Poseidon I tire of Olympus at times, too.
      DLB: How did you convince Zeus to let you go this time?
I suggested that my twin sons, Eros and Himeros take over while I was gone. He agreed, but would not let me leave until he had given them a task to prove that they could handle my job while I was away.
      DLB: Eros, The God of Love and Himeros, the God of Desire. How do the twins differ from one another? What's the same?
They are similar in physical features and stature, both tall and well-built with dark hair and brilliant ebony eyes that shine like the stars. When they were in my womb both called my power to them and it was devided between the two. They both possess the power of seduction, but Eros can create love within two people who belong together. From that love desire grows. Himeros' ability is to influence lifelong desire for a couple who want to be together and that creates the love.
      DLB: That's fascinating. So Eros' story is told in book 1, Eros' First Fix. What is it about?
In book 1 Zeus has chosen a couple that was supposed to be together but didn't end up together for some reason. Eros has to bring them back together even after they have been apart for fifty Earth years.
      DLB: They spent fifty years apart and he has to fix that? I wish him luck with that task. In Book 2, Himeros' Princess, what does Himeros have to do?
Himeros' assignment was a little different. He had to not only get his couple together, but rekindle the desire in a man that had given up on women.
      DLB: It would seem that your boys had their jobs cut out for them. Does your daughter help her brothers with their work?
No, no, no. I had Herophile when I was on vacation frolicking with Poseidon.
      DLB: So Lord Poseidon, God of the Sea, is Herophile's father. Does she take  after him or you?
Herophile is her father's daughter. She has many of his abilities. Not only does she have control over the tides, the sea creatures obey her and she can change her own shape as well as other animal's shapes at will.
      DLB: She sounds really talented. What does she look like?
She has a beauty that only Lord Poseidon can bestow. Her hair is long, silky and emerald green. Her skin like a luminescent pearl and her eyes are the color of the Caribbean Sea. Only the God of the Oceans could give such unique gifts.
      DLB: Wow, she does sound lovely. Is she the reason for book 3 of the series?
Yes, but her story is different. She angered Zeus and was to be punished. He striped her of her uniqueness and her power and then banished her on Earth. The  Erotes and I barely had time to awaken the latent power she had from me so she could be sent to the man who needed her the most.
      DLB: Herophile's story sounds as interesting as her brother's. So, will you be taking more time off now that your sons can handle your work load?
Yes. Hermes has asked me to spend some time with him.
      DLB: Hermes! The Messenger God? Is there something going on with you guys?
      DLB: Will there be a child from this rendezvous and another story?
Theres a strong possibility of that, but you will just have to wait and see.
      DLB: Well Aphrodite, it would seem that you're very busy woman, even when you're on vacation. Maybe when you return from your tryst with Hermes  we can come back and talk to you about it.
I would like that.
      DLB: Thank you for your time, Aphrodite.
You are most welcomed.

My thanks, also, to you, the readers, for stopping by and checking out our interview with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.
Be sure to pick up Eros' First Fix and Himeros' Princess (books 1 and 2 of the Erotes series) at Muse it Hot to read about how the twins handle their mother's job in her absence. Look out for book 3, Charles' Goddess (Herophile's story) coming soon! (and possibly book 4 *wink*)