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Last day of Candy Cane Kink! So comment!

Welcome to the last day of the 2012 Candy Cane Kink hop!

I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual erotic romance. My last blog for the hop is dedicated to my latest Christmas release, Christmas Goddess.

With Christmas right around the corner do you ask Santa for what you really want in hopes of getting it? No! You ask your BFF!

Kendra Taylor was single by choice, but unhappy with her predicament. Feeling depressed over her situation, she declined going with her friend Monica to an annual Christmas party. During a late night conversation with her friend, Kendra confessed how she really wanted to spend Christmas. To her surprise her wish came true!

Fat, wet snowflakes pelted Kendra’s car as she drove home. Her mind drifted as she traveled the familiar streets on autopilot. She contemplated why she didn’t really want to go to Doug’s Christmas party with Monica. It wasn’t like she didn’t know his people. The three of them grew up together. After all the years they had been friends, Kendra was under the impression that she and Monica had shared a brother/sister relationship with Doug. Apparently somewhere along the way Monica and Doug fell in love and she missed it. She was completely floored when they approached her together to let her know.
Turning into her driveway, she stared at the garage door as it rose and gasped. Was she jealous? The horn made a sharp quick honk when Kendra’s head fell to the steering wheel. She had to admit that she was.
Kendra sighed. Maybe she was being a little unfair with her pre-constructed criteria. There was no perfect man after all. Of course a man had to have a job, a car and somewhere to live, but could a man really be what she wanted? Was it asking too much for him to make his first priority her pleasure? In and out of bed? After two years of looking the answer seemed pretty obvious. 
Getting out the car, she dropped the plate off in the kitchen and headed to the living room. Looking around her home you couldn’t tell Christmas was only a week away. There were lights, no gingerbread or peppermint smells, not even a tree. She frowned.
“God! No wonder I’m in such a funk. It’s downright dismal in here,” she said aloud. “I have to do something about this.”
Kendra rushed into her room, changed her clothes and was back in the car in fifteen minutes. The parking lot was so full she knew not to bother going near the store. Pulling her hood over her head, she stepped out into the falling snow.
“Merry Christmas!” the man guarding the bright red kettle shouted.
“Merry Christmas,” she answered walking by him into the store.
The cart corral was empty. She wasn’t surprised. The shopping madness of the season was in full swing. People pushed pass her as she walked around the crowded store. Luckily she just needed a few things to spruce up her place a bit and would be gone soon.
“Excuse me,” she said to a passing employee. “Where can I find Christmas decorations?”
“If there’s any left they would be in aisle fourteen.”
The instant she heard her name Kendra froze. She would know that voice anywhere. It whispered sweet nothings in her ear for almost two years before she finally broke it off. She turned slowly and swallowed the gasp as it tried to escape. Just looking at him made her heart flutter. He was six feet of solid muscle with a panty melting smile and expert hands to seal the deal.
“I knew that was you,” he said pulling her into a hug. “How are you? You look fantastic.”
“Hi Lionel. You look good too,” she said and turned down the aisle.
“Whoa,” he called out intercepting her. “Wait a minute. What’s your hurry?”
“No hurry. I’m just here to pick up a few decorations for the house. I haven’t really had the time to decorate.”
“Really? Wow, I remember your place being decked out for the holidays even before Thanksgiving. You were so into it. I kinda liked that about you. Nothing’s wrong is it?”
Wrong? No, nothing is wrong, delicious man from my past. Just suffering from lack of companionship and nooky deficiency, that’s all.
“No, no nothing like that. I’ve just been busy at work. That’s all.”
“Oh. So what are your plans after you get your stuff?”
“No plans at all, really. I’m just going back to the house.”
“To your…boyfriend…husband?” he asked making hand gestures like a scale.
She couldn’t help but smile. “No, alone.”
Lionel’s face lit up. “Really? Well, why don’t I come with you then? I was picking up some stuff for dinner. I can double it and make dinner for two instead of one.”
Warning! Warning!
Lionel flashed his killer grin of his and stepped closer. Her features must’ve given away her mind’s caution alarm.
“Come on, Kendra. You know you always liked my cooking and I know you hate to cook. It’s a win/win situation.”
No Kendra! It doesn’t matter that his food tasted heavenly. You have the food from the party. You won’t starve.
Lionel nudged her. “Come on. I’ll put this chicken back and make my special Italian rib eyes that you love so much,” he said sweetening his offer.
Memories of his delicious cooking flittered back to her memory making her mouth water and she smiled.
“Thata girl. Come on let’s get what we need and get out of here.”
Available now at Secret Cravings Publishing!

Dana Littlejohn

In this book Kendra is a terrible cook and falls victim to the sexual advances of her ex because he is a fabulous cook. So I decided to share the recipe to the meal that led her to a terrible night in bed with him. LOL

This recipe works great because you mix the ingredients together to make a marinade. It is one of my favs and I make all year round, (outdoor grill in warm months and George Foreman in the colder) but especially in the winter because the smells are wonderful in the home. And, okay, I’ll go ahead and admit it. It goes great with the seasonal mulled wine.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Yield: Serves 4
·        4 1-inch thick rib eyes
·        3/4 cup red onion, chopped
·        1/4 cup red wine vinegar
·        2 tablespoons olive oil
·        4 cloves garlic, minced
·        1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped
·        1 tablespoon fresh oregano, chopped
·        I tablespoon cilantro, chopped
·        salt and pepper to taste
Combine everything but the rib eyes in a bowl. Let the mixture sit for about 15 minutes to mix the flavors. Preheat grill. Drain the liquid from the mixture and pour over rib eyes set in the refrigerator covered for about 15 minutes. Remove rib eyes, shake off excess then place steaks on grill and cook for about 6 minutes per side or until done. Place rib eyes on plates and serve with sides.

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Candy Cane Kink hopping!

Hi everyone!
Dana Littlejohn back atcha with another one of my Christmas reads. With this story I got a little nasty...well maybe not, I was right. I got nasty. But it's good nasty. :) Reindeer Games is about a woman who did what she had to do to get her man! 

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Reindeer Games
Kinze and Taylor have had their arrangement for the last three years. They were both single, but kept each other in mind for holidays, parties and other functions whenever the mood struck. Even though their current understanding was Kinze’s idea, she wanted to be more. She had fallen for him long ago and was making it her mission to make him hers exclusively.

 A wave of warmth engulfed her at the door. She opened her coat inviting the heat in, as she inhaled deeply. So many familiar smells tickled her nose. Cookies, peppermint, and cinnamon, they all symbolized Christmas to her. Walking along, she bobbed her head and murmured the words to Here Comes Santa Claus as she passed several department stores, clothing boutiques and kiosks. Proprietors waved and called out trying to entice her to buy their best Christmas wares. She politely shook her head and continued to the food court.

With one more day before Christmas Eve, last minute shoppers crowded the mall. Some rushed in and out of stores bumping into her with their packages, offering no apologies, but she didn’t care. Even the hustle and bustle of rude people was a part of Christmas and she loved it all.  Nothing could stifle her good mood, especially not this year. This was going to be the year she changed her life.
In the center of the overcrowded food court, Santa sat in a large high backed chair in his sparkling red finery. Piles of gifts surrounded him, and one helper, a young woman dressed as an elf, walked back and forth giving them out. The line of waiting children looked endless as it merged with shoppers seeking food.
Kinze rushed pass the Santa shop scene, heading to a backroom near the bathrooms. She emerged a short time later in her own seasonal outfit, taking her place on Santa’s left side.

“How are you today, Santa? I was just wondering if you would have time for me to take a ride on that North Pole Express of yours later on when you’re done passing out good cheer,” she whispered that last bit for his ears only.
A patented ‘ho, ho, ho’ mixed with his own laughter, was her only response before a small boy jumped into his lap.
“Hello, little boy, have you been good this year?”
“Yes, Santa, I have.”
“What would you like for Christmas this year?”
“My mommy has another baby in her belly. Last year I got a sister for Christmas. I want a brother this time.”
“Oh, uh, well, I’ll see what I can do,” he replied, putting the boy on the floor. “Go get your present.”
“If you can’t give me a brother can you make the new sister I get not cry as much as this one does?” the boy asked over his shoulder.
“Sure kid, whatever. Merry Christmas.”
Kinze waved goodbye to the child as Santa pushed him toward the elf helper.

“You can’t say stuff like that,” he growled. “I’m dressed like Santa and little kids are sitting on my lap. Do you know how creepy that would be if you got me hard? We’re talking possible jail time and thousands of dollars in therapy.”

available now at Phaze

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Welcome Back Candy Cane Kink Hoppers!

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual erotic romance is back to share another one of my holiday reads for the Candy Cane Kink hop. This time we shall look at Christmas withe Holly!

Christmas with Holly is one of my favorite stories. It shows just when you think you have nothing left what you really need and want shows up.

Christmas with Holly
Running away from her problems isn’t something that RaKeesha Holly Black usually does, but this problem couldn’t be worked out unless it was out of sight out of mind. Little did she know that while she was hiding out in the cabin in Vermont licking her wounds that a snow storm would trap for her just what the doctor ordered for her healing to begin.


 “Ma’am, there’s big storm coming this way. We’re advising all drivers to return to where they were unless you’re distance is short to make in less than an hour. The roads ahead are already starting to ice over. Are you going to the city?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Where are you coming from?”
“A cabin in Vermont.”
He nodded. “I think it best you return to Vermont. It’s closer for you than trying to get all the way to New York City. That storm is going to hit in about two hours time. The snow is really starting to come down now.”
“Back to Vermont?”
“Yes, ma’am, at least for the night. That will give the crews time to clear the snow from the roads and get them salted. Vermont is closer and safer at this point than you going on to New York City.”
She sighed realizing he was right. “Thank you, Officer. I will.” She turned her car around and waved at the officer heading back where she came from. “Figures. I spend three hours on the road just to turn around and spend three more hours and not get anywhere,” she mumbled as she retraced her steps back to the cabin.
Tired from her six-hour trip to nowhere and the late hour, she left her car in front of the cabin instead of parking in the garage out back as usual. Then stomped though the accumulating snow leaving her bags behind in the car and went straight to her room where she passed out.


The next morning she woke to the smell of heaven teasing her senses. Smiling she sat up and took a deep breath.
“Mmm, pancakes and bacon,” she murmured sleepily.
Suddenly her smile disappeared. “Omigosh!” she whispered urgently throwing the covers back. “Someone’s cooking pancakes and bacon. Someone is here!” She looked around her room and dashed over to the corner where the broom was behind the door. Quietly she unscrewed the broom part from the stick and tiptoed out toward the kitchen. She peeked around the doorway. A man stood at the stove loading a plate with food. Holly stepped closer and he turned hearing the squeak of the floor and ducked just as she swung her stick at his head.
“Whoa! Hey! Wait!” he yelled ducking and running around the table.
“Who the hell are you? What the hell are you doing here?” Each question accompanied a swing of the stick.
He threw his hands up when he was far enough from her not to get hit. “Okay, will you just stop swinging long enough for me to explain?”
“You’ve got five minutes and do it with your hands on top of your head where I can see them.”

available now at Phaze 

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