Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tasty Tuesday- tilapia

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first of many tasty Tuesday blogs.
First a little about what you'll see here.
I love food! I love trying new foods, however over these last years I have weaned myself away from many meats in search of a lighter more healthy diet with all kinds of foods.
So, that's what I'll be posting: light, healthy foods in recipes that I have tried, enjoyed and want to share with you.
If you have recipes on the lighter side please feel free to send them in so we all can try it.

Today's recipe is
Grilled Tilapia with Chimichurri & Corn Salad

First off can I just say YUM! I found this recipe in Rachel Ray's magazine Every Day. It's perfect for a quick summer dinner or anytime of year. I'm not a real big fan of tilapia so I also tried it with catfish too and it came out fantastic. Leave comments so I  know how it came out and how you liked it. Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Back on the grid!

Hello everyone!
Welcome back to my blog for those who followed me before and for all my new followers welcome to you.
For those who don't know me let me introduce myself. I am Dana Littlejohn, author of sensual and erotic romance. My books are usually multicultural featuring people from different cultures, but the main characters are always strong women of color -African American and Latino.
I love writing about strong women who have their own stuff, know what they want from the men in their lives and the world around and they're not afraid to fight for it.
I have been writing most of my life to entertain myself and my friends. I sold my first short story in October 2006. In 2012 I discontinued blogging to pursue twitter, Facebook and other online venues. Now here it is 2016 and, though I've had much success with the other things, I want to get back to just blogging with the readers and sharing knowledge with other authors.

What to expect from me this time around?
Well I'm glad you asked :-) I don't remember what my schedule was last time but this time I'd like to be more hands on. Posts will go up every week day. Each day will have its own theme. Thus the posts will be different every time but the topic will be the same. Here are the themes ill be working with.

Me Mondays
As the name suggests, Mondays will be the days I update the blog about me and all that I have going.

Tasty Tuesdays
This day you get to know a little about me personally because I will be sharing the new recipes that I have tried and you could try them as well.

Wicked Wednesday
On Wednesday I will have a guest blogger post some wicked excerpts. This way we could learn about new books on the genre we love together.

Thursday Tips
Thursdays will be reserved for learning new skills or bettering our skills as authors. It will always be open to authors to post their tips and info and at the end leave info for us to find them and their books

Fiesta Fridays
Contest time! Every Friday will be a different interactive contest. Followers will be asked to find a special icon and email its location. A list of participating authors will be given. A random winner will be chosen and winner announced on the Monday blog update.

That's the plan! Follow and join the fun. The restart begins
July 11, 2016

To keep up with me until then here are my links. Those who join my newsletter will automatically be entered into the monthly contest to win prizes.

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