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Welcome Wet and Wild Hoppers!


Hello Wet and Wild Hop followers!
I am Dana Littlejohn author of sensual romance. I would like to  share book 1 of my latest series, Daughters of Mother Earth, Conquering the Sun. It is the story of how Takasa, Goddess of the Sun got her man.
I have found that finding a good man to love you just the way you are was not an easy task. I figured this was an issue for most women, but even mores so for the powerful ones.
Though Takasa wasn't looking for love when she met Solarion, it’s hard not to want a man who worships and adores you. I wanted my story to be unique, but still have some authenticity. I looked up a lot of African folklore to get the right combination
I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I liked writing them. Now here is a look at a we and wild moment with Takasa and Solarion.

Takasa, goddess of the sun, left her mountain home consumed with bitterness caused by her long endured loneliness. The elders in her tribe fed her a potion to put her to sleep for a thousand years to wait for the one who would be able to save them from her wrath. Will the goddess have met her match at that time, or will the descendant of a neighboring sun god be conquered by her fury as well?

 She pushed against his hands, but couldn’t move his arms. 
“Cease this, Solarion. I don’t want it. I don’t want you.” 
He stopped kissing her immediately. “Why do you resist me? I am only here to love you. I can give you everything you need.” 
“I don’t need anything.” 
He scanned her face and his eyes widened with surprise. “You fear me.” 
“I fear nothing,” she blurted out. “I...I am the goddess of the sun. I rule all that the light controls.” 
His smile was soft and knowing. “I wish you no harm, my beautiful goddess. My only mission in life is to please you. I will be companion and mate. I merely want to be by your side while you rule.” He dropped another kiss on her neck. “And when you return here at night, your body will be mine to please and worship with all the love I have for you.” 
His name rode a breathy gasp. He kissed her quiet. 
“Take what I am offering you. Let me love you. There is no hidden agenda and no need for you to be alone. I am here and am already yours.” 
Her breathing picked up as his kisses crossed her collarbone. Solarion’s insistent grinding made the moisture build between her legs. Takasa’s eyes closed and she stopped pushing against his arms. Solarion’s powerful legs pushed hers open as he slid down her body, searing it with kisses. She moaned, for although she enjoyed his touch, she was still torn. 
“Solarion, you must cease,” she panted in a whisper. 
“Your voice says one thing, my goddess, but your body says another. It cries out to me. It wants me. It needs me. You need me.” 
Solarion’s touch was pleasing, his voice soothing. His words comforted her, somehow. It wouldn’t be the first time she had taken a human to her bed. 
Could this handsome human really give her what she needed if she just stopped fighting him? 
Her body seemed to think so. Takasa took a deep breath and opened herself to what Solarion offered. Takasa gasped at the titillating sensation his beard left when it rubbed across her belly. He lingered there for a moment to leave butterfly kisses before he moved lower. A shiver of anticipation raced through her body when his chin grazed the sensitive skin over her pelvic bone. Solarion continued his descent, pushing his face into the downy hair between her legs without hesitation. She groaned. 
Lost in the growing ecstasy, Takasa hadn’t notice Solarion had released her hands until she reached for his head. His tongue snaked from his mouth and seared the delicate folds of skin as he lapped them. With another loud moan, she opened her legs wider, inviting him in further. Solarion took his time, licking her at first, but her groans of pleasure seemed to spur him. He slipped his hands underneath her, gripping her bottom delving into her core even more. Solarion lifted her hips from the bed and pulled her to him, feasting on her. He licked and sucked her carnal center drinking the essence pooled there.
He kneaded her bottom as he licked her most private place. Takasa’s juices flowed with her elevated excitement. Her senses were on fire. She had never experienced pleasure in the magnitude Solarion gave her. Her climax was near. She could smell it and yearned for it with all her being. Tremors of ecstasy traveled the length of her nervous system. 
Yanking at the silken covers, consecutive mews of pleasure left her chest, leaving her lungs almost empty. Her muscles tightened, locking in place, and then she exploded from within. A high pitched squeal burst from her throat, a sound she almost didn’t recognize as her own. Its intensity shook her limbs and left her throat raw. Takasa gripped a handful of Solarion’s braids, holding him place, but there was no need. He seemed to know what to do. 
Wrapping his full lips around the pulsating tip at the top of her vulva, Solarion applied a gentle sucking motion on her pleasure center. The action shot lightning rods of euphoria through her body, the aftereffects leaving her shaky and exhausted. When her blissful tremors ceased, Solarion released her and moved up her body again, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake.
“I’ve waited my whole life to be with you, Takasa. You honor me with your juices. The pearly dew of a goddess…is there any better drink? Now that I have tasted you, I desire you even more. Please! Beautiful Takasa, I beg you. Allow me to adore your body now that I am here. I need you. I want you. Don’t deny yourself what my body can do for you. Let me love you,” he pleaded. 
Takasa gasped, stunned by his reaction and dazed by the overwhelming joy her body experienced. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Her body begged her to let him have her. Every inch of her wanted him. Takasa nodded, giving in to her desires. “Yes, Solarion, yes!” 
“Yes!” he growled. Solarion positioned himself over her, adjusting his erection to poise before her drenched opening. 
Once aligned, one controlled push buried his staff inside her. Her body opened, welcoming him, and she surrendered to the increasing feelings of joy overtaking her. 
“Oh, Takasa, the feel of you is glorious. I’ve wondered…dreamed of this moment and, mmm, it was worth every minute of that wait. You are incredible!” 
Takasa’s mouth was agape, but her voice was gone. Solarion’s words increased the pleasure he gave her body, sending her mind into a lustful tailspin. He stroked her, a slow steady motion at first, and then faster and faster, bending, rolling, and arching his back, pressing himself deeper and deeper. 
She felt every inch of him sliding in and out of her, every movement better than the last. He was an amazing lover. Gentle kisses moved from her cheeks to her ear. 
“You feel magnificent, my goddess,” he whispered. “Each night when you return to your cave to rest, I will make love to you like this. It will only get better and better as we spend more time together. This is some of what I offer to you.” 
“Mmm...” Glorious! 
Takasa wrapped her legs around his narrow waist and he fell into her even more. He stroked her with strong, deliberate movements. “Oh!” 
“Your cries of fulfillment are like kisses on my soul. Give yourself to me, beautiful Takasa. I will be your treasure chest of desire. Reach inside and all you need will be given to you,” he panted. Solarion’s promise caressed Takasa’s heart with its conveyance of love. His exquisite command over her senses spoke to her body, expressing the same message to her flesh. She moaned again, clawing at his back. A low deep roar escaped him. 
“I am here to please you. That is my only function. Have your way with me,” he continued, pumping faster. 
She met his powerful thrusts with one of her own. With an unexpected groan, Solarion leaned back, and then reached behind him, hauling her legs up to rest on his shoulders. Takasa gasped, wide-eyed. 
“Solarion, what—what are you doing?” 
He smiled. “Enhancing your pleasure, my goddess.” 
With her legs up and her bottom raised high, Solarion continued pushing into her silken tunnel. The penetration was more intense and he was right. Her pleasure soared, taking her to new heights of enjoyment. Solarion delved deeper and deeper into her until Takasa let out a satisfied scream that left her chest tight and her throat sore. As her body convulsed around the hardness of his arousal, Solarion threw his head back and the lion in his soul showed itself when he let out his own release with a joyful roar.

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