Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday Tips: business cards

Hello everyone!

For those who are still with me welcome back and for all my new followers welcome to my blog!
Let me tell you what you will find when you visit on Thursdays. This is the day set aside for tips to help you in your quest to be author extraordinaire! (I know that's not really a word, but work with me)

So, to make that journey less rocky I will share tips and I have invited some extraordinary authors to share what they have learned and tricks that work for them.

Since today is the first post I will share a little trick an author shared with me once that I continue to do because it's help my hometown popularity.

Most authors bring swag to book signings and pass them out during author events. Post cards, business cards and the like whether you're out of town or in your home town. When you're out socially consider putting a business card in with your tips. People are more open to support a name they recognize especially when the are hometown folk. When you're doing something locally you could be the next human interest story for the local paper or news. You never know who may pick up your card.

That's my Thursday Tip!
Come back next week and see what new tips we have for you. And please, if the tops have helped you leave comments and let us know! Remember like videos via periscope coming soon! Periscope/danalittlejohn

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