Monday, September 5, 2016

Me Mondays: WIP-Daughters of the Sky

Hello everyone!
Hope your weekend was great and your work week starts of  great as well. As the title implies, today is dedicated to my updates: where I'll be virtually and in real time, what's new with me, my new releases, what I'm working on and so forth.

My monthly newsletter is live and doing well. Everyone who gets the newsletter is automatically entered in the drawing to win an original item from my craft shop. (This craft shop tab on the website) The newsletter is also your vehicle to ask me questions. When you send in your questions you are entered again into the monthly drawing. The answer to those questions will be posted here as well. What is exclusive to the newsletter is the free reads. Sign up for the newsletter on my website

Currently I am editing The Right Choice. It is book II of the Happily Ever After: By Any Means Necessary series. This series is basically about the lives of established couples and how they deal with issues in their relationship.
Today I give you a sneak peek at my African goddess story I call Daughters of the Cosmos. It is about how Takasa, the sun goddess and Lunaria, the moon goddess, find love. 

Takasa, goddess of the sun, left her mountain home consumed with bitterness caused by her long endured loneliness. The elders in her tribe fed her a potion to put her to sleep for a thousand years to wait for the one who would be able to save them from her wrath. Will the goddess have met her match at that time, or will the descendant of a neighboring sun god be conquered by her fury as well?
As Rubani, the God of War, leads the people of Buganda in an assault, he receives valuable advice from the goddess of the moon that leads to his victory. Rubani becomes enchanted by her beauty and intellect. Is there a way to convince the goddess to be his, even though they only spoke once to each other?

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