Monday, August 8, 2016

Me Monday- spot light on works in progress: Aphrodite's Day Off

As the title implies, today is dedicated to my updates: where I'll be virtually and in real time, what's new with me, my new releases, what I'm working on and so forth.
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Currently I am editing The Right Choice. It is book II of the Happily Ever After: By Any Means Necessary series. This series is basically about the lives of established couples and how they deal with issues in their relationship.

Book ISeven Year Switch was about Kyle and Sonja Winters, a mid thirties, childless couple, together 10 years, married 7 and happy. Sonja discovers a secret that rocks their marriage to the core. It will either destroy them or they will have to restructure to survive it.
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Book II: The Right Choice, is about Christian and Andrea Cooper. They have a long term marriage, 20+ years, are in their 40s and are new empty-nesters. Basically this book shows how you could get caught up in doing the right thing and push someone away unintentionally. Even after being together for years you can still make mistakes.Coming in September, 2016

Today I am spotlighting my completed work, Aphrodite's Day Off, a Greek mythology, urban fantasy, erotic romance kind of thing. Self edits are done and it is off to the editor awaiting a cover. Here is a sneak peek

Aphrodite's Day Off

Aphrodite longed for a little time away with Poseidon in his watery depths. Zeus’s constant demands for Aphrodite to go to Earth and the day to day splendor of Olympus had become mundane. Zeus frowned on the prospect of his precious Earth with no one to spread the love and passion the goddess of love provided. Aphrodite offered her sons, Eros and Himeros to take her place. Zeus would only accept them after they had been tested. Would Eros’s power over love and Himeros’s power over desire be enough or would Aphrodite have to forfeit her day off for the greater good of the world?

Aphrodite walked into the warm glowing light eluding from at the entrance to the Chamber of the Gods. The radiance in the room emulated from Zeus’s throne, filling the immediate area. The portal, an opening in the sky that Zeus used to look down on Earth lay in the center of the room. Zeus sat on the chair looking majestic in his gold and white robes. A gleaming gold and ruby crown rested on his brow.
Zeus spotted her and invited her in with a nod. Aphrodite went around the gateway to Earth to stand before him. Zeus’s smile revealed the fondness he had for her, but when she shifted her gaze to Hera sitting on his right, the revulsion in her eyes could not be hidden by the false smile on her lips. Aphrodite closed her eyes and bowed low.  
“My lord, you called for me?”
“I did. Rise lovely, Aphrodite. It has reached my ears that you would like to leave Mount Olympus for a time to frolic with Poseidon. Is this true?”
Aphrodite worked to keep from frowning when her eyes shifted right. “It is, my lord,” she replied, careful not acknowledge Hera’s smug grin.
“I’m afraid I cannot allow such a thing again.”
“My Lord—”
Zeus held a hand up. “Don’t you remember the last time you took time off? My Earth suffered greatly without your influence. The humans have come to call it the Dark Ages for goodness sake.”
“I know, but this time the Earth won’t be without love while I’m gone.”
“Oh? How do you intend to handle matters of love during that time if you are not here?”
“The Erotes are capable, my lord,” she told him with smile. “Eros is a god of love and Himeros a god of Desiree. Together the twin’s powers are almost as strong as my own.”
Zeus nodded. “Very well then. You are—”
Hera reached over and lifted Zeus’s hand into hers. “My lord, if I may…”
“Yes, Hera?”
“Great Zeus, would it not be wise to test the boys’ abilities before setting them free on your precious Earth? Though they are the children of a powerful goddess like Aphrodite,” Hera paused to send a smile in her direction. “They are young and their powers are untried.”
Zeus turned his attention back to her. “They have not been tested?”
Aphrodite swallowed. “No, my lord. They haven’t had the chance since I have always handled the duties on my own.”
Zeus stroked his beard in thought. “But you are satisfied that they can perform the tasks given to you, Goddess of Love?”
“I am, my lord.”
“All powerful Zeus,” Hera chimed in. “With all your wisdom I’m sure you would find it prudent to test their abilities first. The sake of your beloved Earth hangs in the balance.”
“My sons are fully matured. They will be able to handle any test while I’m gone as well,” Aphrodite protested.
“I have no doubt that they can, but surely you would agree that such testing should take place while you are still on Mount Olympus?” Hera countered. “It would be tragic if Eros and Himeros were not up to par and you were not around to repair any damage they may befall Zeus’s favorite domain. Wouldn’t you agree, my lord?” she added sweetly.
Zeus stroked his beard and nodded. “You are as wise as you are beautiful, Hera.” He kissed the top of her hand. “Aphrodite, I will give them a task to fulfill to test their power. If they complete their mission with positive results you will be free to go, but if they fall short…”
“I understand, great Zeus. I will send my son Eros to you for instruction.”
Aphrodite bowed to Zeus then cut a look at Hera as she turned to leave clenching her fists. 

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