Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Tips: promoting with your smart phone

Hello everyone!
Another Thursday so another tip. Today we're going to talk about using your smart phone wisely!
In this on the go, digital society that we live in now our phones ate used for everything! You name it we can do on our phones and we can't we're completely baffled as to why not. So promotion should be no different.
Whether you're self published or with a house, we are our own promotion specialist. We should always be prepared to self promote when the opportunity arises.
So, here are 5 tips that I got from Sylvia Hubbard (she's sylviahubbard1 on all the social medias) that I wanted to share with you to be promo ready via your smart phone.
1) keep pics of your covers in your gallery
Why? Because when your chit chatting with folk and someone says, that's so cool you wrote a book. What does it look like? Boom, you can show them
2) know your links
During that same conversation the next thing people ask would be, where can I find you? You can rattle off your website, social media, Amazon page, or whichever one they're looking for you on to them. That bring us to number 3...
3) use apps
What if this potential reader is a Twitter junkie and wants to follow you. You have Twitter but you only do it on the computer so you don't remember your handle for whatever reason. With the app you could just pull it up real quick, tell them your screen name and show them so they know what to look for. That works for all social media apps
4) save a "promo book blast" to your phone
A promo blast is just a quick "this is what my book is about" paragraph. Its good for answering emails on the go when publishers, interviewers or anyone you're communicating with via email asks what your books about. If you have a paragraph telling them in your own words what the books about along with the blurb and picture that you can shoot back to them in an answer email that would be sufficient until you can get back to them later.
5) also have a author blast.
Like the book blast, this ones about you. Think of it as the about the section of the book. A few quick lines of your writing accomplishments, book titles, social media and website info. Any way and anywhere the reader can reach you should be included.
With these things on your phone promotion for you and your book is right at your finger tips at any time.
Sylvia has great ideas on promotion. These were the ones that stood out to me. Hope they help!
Look for Sylvia Hubbard, her great ideas and her books on all social medias and periscope! If you can't find her as sylviahubbard1 drop the one. See you next week!

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