Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wicked Wednesday: Motor City Book Experience author, Terrie Branch

My name/ pen name is Terrie L Branch.
I'm a  participant in the Motor City Book Experience August 20th in Detroit Michigan.  Im  a Shaunta Kenerly Presents Publications Author.  

Choose Your Poison  ( Confessions of a Stripper)
KRYSTLE─── Yeah, that’s me. Hmmph … They wonder where I got that name… Shit, I just simply like the damn name. So I rolled with it. My government name is Chrissy Burton. I couldn’t do this shit with my real name.   A broke college student that needed money to get through. So I did what I had to do. See, all the guys in school used to ask me was I a stripper before I was technically one. That was because I possessed this sexy ass body that you could see even if I had on a MUMU. I could honestly say I got it from my mama. This lady still had a nice shape as an older lady. I guess it was in our genes! My eyes were a hazel brown. That's another thing that I had inherited from my mom. The shape of my eyes was strictly from my dad's side of the family. Everyone on his side of the family had slanted eyes.  My hair hung below my shoulders, even though I still rocked a few pieces of Malaysian extensions in it for added volume from time to time. When bitches met me for the first time they would always ask if it was all mine. ─Technically the shit was all mine. I paid for it! So when I did take the weave out muthafuckas were usually shocked to see how much hair I had. I guess for an African American girl I was supposed to have short hair. You know the stereotype that if you weren’t Caucasian or Hispanic you couldn’t have hair. I don’t know who the fuck thought of that dumb shit! But any who! Soon after meeting my best friend Shanna Howard, a stripper name Xtreme, she introduced me to this world. Now she was a bad bitch. She was beautiful with a slamming ass body. This bitch seemed to have her shit on lock; She knew how to get her money up ─ for sure! Having strict parents was one of the hardest things I could ever have to deal with. When it came to being a college student. No matter how much I begged, my dad’s answer would always be no when it came to money for leisure things. I remember calling and asking him for money so I could get a Coach bag that all the girls were rocking at the time and his answer was no. I even asked him for money for a new laptop and his answer was, “Is the refurbished one that your mom and I bought you working? Because if it is, I’m not spending money on another just so you can show off to your little friends. That’s wasting money girl! Do you realize that money don’t grow on trees and there is so much more we can do with the money you want to waste to keep up with the Joneses?” He was stingy as hell and I hated it! He was so damn thrifty and the thought of it ticked me off! Shanna on the other hand, had the best of everything. Now I wasn’t at all jealous, but the shit was annoying. I loved my dad but I hated his ways sometimes! Shanna and a couple other friends of mine, would go to the malls and come back with all kinds of shoes and clothes. These bitches were fly as hell.  Me, I had to recycle what I had from the year prior and that shit wasn’t cool. I had bare minimum when it came to extra cash, clothes and anything else. I would usually lie when it came to going out with my friends, telling them I had to study for exams or that I had homework to complete. I knew that it was a white lie, but it was hella embarrassing to say that I didn’t have any money. Even though some of my friends had jobs, there were some of us that were funded by our parents. Although mine wasn’t giving me shit, but the necessities. Later, I learned that everything that looked innocent wasn’t. My point… a lot of those bitches weren’t as innocent as they looked. Most of them had sugar daddies and the so called jobs that they were working was in the same damn field that my ass is in right now, SHAKING THEIR ASSES for this quick cash. And me, I had no clue at the time. I was “Miss Follow All The Rules and Be A Good Girl!” I was so naïve that I really thought that they had legit jobs and shit! Little did I know! Hmph!!! Now years later, here I was… a college dropout shaking my ass for some grimy ass niggas for money. The same kind of money these bitches were getting back then. I started thinking, why the hell should I go to school for years only to get out of school and sit around for another few years searching for a damn job. I had friends that had graduated with a master’s degree and applied for jobs that they were turned down for. The reason usually was that they were too qualified. These damn places were smart. They knew if they hired someone with little or no education in the field, that they could train them, pay them less and they would be good with it. They also knew if they hired someone who held a degree that they would have to pay them their worth. So you would be doomed if you did and doomed if you didn’t. So I began to not really give a fuck about school. Why go? For what? When it was easy to get my money now. See- I let all the damn money go to my head after receiving large sums of cash. I forgot all about my real goals. All that shit went downhill once this money started to hit my hands. Fast money… So here I was… Standing behind these streamers waiting for the DJ to play my intro song. I was watching Xtreme swing her hair as she slid down the pole. That girl knew how to work that pole. Rubbing the pole in between her breast while the ballers sat at the far end of the stage with fists full of cash. It wasn’t strange for them to be here on what used to be a slow night. The club owner Rick arranged this night to get the club packed on these kind of days.  The crowd usually came in on ‘Turn Up Tuesdays,’ because they got shots for a dollar and for that they stuck around. Tuesdays had been pretty slow in the past, but it was turning around for the club and we weren’t complaining. Shit, we had to still make that money. Now Extreme knew she was pretty so she used it to the extreme… Just like her damn name. Hell, I hated waiting for someone to finish. Hell… I hated being here period, dancing for these old dirty and sweaty men. Only- here I stood anyway. A girl had to get her money up some kind of way.




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